Cortland + Chris

Cortland + Chris

When I met Cortland at our scheduled consultation we clicked instantly! Here is this gorgeous Real Estate agent who’s famous on a billboard and she chose me to capture such an important day! LOL

Let’s start with how we got where we are today! I just love is how Chris proposed to her and I have to share how it happened! On June 9 Chris spent the day trying to plan the perfect way to propose.. He decorated their house in pedals, roses and candles and dressed their furbaby in a Will You Marry Me sign hanging from her neck. Cortland came through the door and didn’t even see it! She walked in the living room and covered her face instantly with her hands already in tears for what was about to happen. Chris got on one knee and proposed to be hers and her to be his forever!

Fast forwarding to our engagement session, despite the humidity it was perfect. The setting at Brackenridge Park was romantic and deer even showed up to see what was going on. I’ll never forget the way he looked at her (I also posed him to look at her often LOL). He always had a smile on his face.. You can tell just by looking at them, they have that forever kinda love!

So excited to be apart of this journey with you two! Can’t wait for your big day!

Photography: Captured Moments by Christine

HMUA: Cynful Make Up

Location: Brackenridge State Park


Heather & Chris

Heather & Chris

I met Heather & Chris at Coleto Creek Park for our session and the whole day we were on edge about the weather.. But! As we all know this weather is always so unpredictable! It’ll say 80% chance of rain and the sun ends up poking through the clouds the whole day! Fortunately for us it was perfect.. Yes, the rumbling clouds were there and it sprinkled on us for maybe a few seconds but it really set that romantic mood for our engagement session.

These two are so adorable together! They were together just a little over 3 years when he proposed to her in such a unique way that they both would never forget and cherish to tell for years to come..  The day before they went to a Houston Texans game, he said he had something for her to wear and when she opened it up, it was a Jersey with his last name on it! She was a little confused at first but as she looked back at him he was already on his way down on bended knee with ring in hand.

Each love story unfolds something new and I love hearing about each of my couples individual stories! Thank you Heather & Chris for choosing me to capture your beautiful moments!

Daniel & Amanda

Daniel & Amanda

I just love what I do.. I get to meet such great couples from all over and capture their love for one another! Daniel & Amanda are a blast! After speaking through emails, phone calls and text messages we finally got to meet in their hometown San Antonio for their engagement session.

We started off on the Riverwalk just below Hyatt Hotel by beautiful lush landscape and artistic waterfalls.. I have always wanted to shoot again in this area so you can only imagine how excited I was for this session! We walked from one end to the other just getting to know each other and I learned that Amanda was a Math Teacher and that Daniel taught Amanda how to dance for an occasion she needed to learn Salsa for and they instantly connected. Ugh! How romantic is that? Can’t wait to watch them dance their first dance as husband and wife! I wonder if they will salsa!

We finished on the streets of downtown San Antonio. Everywhere we turned was the perfect backdrop for our sesh! Like a backdrop of art! Daniel & Amanda exchanged such sweet emotions back and forth to each other and I could clearly see how much these two meant to each other..I can’t wait to be apart of such an important day in their lives.. Thank you Amanda & Daniel for choosing me to capture your beautiful moments!

Here’s a sneak peek of my session with Amanda & Daniel!

Kiana + Walker

Kiana + Walker

I am a hopeless romantic and one of my favorite movies is “The Notebook”.. I had been planning a vintage bike notebook style shoot but we had to improvise to make it more modern. My friend Jenn had this beautiful bike and I couldn’t resist! Just look at it.. It was taller than me lol!

Kiana is simply gorgeous with a vibrant personality and Walker has dimples for days! Together they are picture perfect! We spent the first day of fall downtown as far away from the mosquitos as possible. We still got attacked but I’m sure it could have been worse! Darn blood suckers! We started off at the Nave Museum then moved to one of my favorite neighborhoods. Couldn’t ask for a more perfect setting for our session and these two did so awesome!

Here is a sneak peek of my session with Kiana + Walker!

  • Photography: Captured Moments by Christine
  • Models: Kiana Gaona & Walker Bordovsky
  • Bouquet: HEB Floral
  • Dress: CMBC Closet
  • Bike: Jenn Van Dusen


The Nave Museum


Downtown Victoria