Mr + Mrs Goodwin

I’ve known Erin for sometime now and when she called me to shoot her big day, I was so excited to see she found her forever! I couldn’t be more happier for her and was ecstatic to be there to capture her love story. Erin and Travis actually went to elementary school together and met in the 1st grade! How cute is that! They were in and out of each others lives but she mentioned it was just not their time.. But! Erin knew that Travis was it for her.. all these years and he was right in front of her and visa versa.. She texted him out of the blue to meet her at 205 and they were inseperatable ever since!

I was so worried about their wedding day with all of the rain we were getting. Me and mother nature are always in battle with what the weather will do so I was prepared for whatever came our way! It was suppose to be an outdoor wedding on the golf course grounds but naturally didn’t want to take any chances and moved it indoors. Better safe than sorry that’s for sure! It ended up being beautiful in the afternoon and by the time my team and I walked into the Victoria Country Club the weather started clearing up!

Here is a glimpse of their wedding day! Thank you so much for choosing Captured Moments by Christine to capture your life’s most beautiful moments!

Wedding Day Team!

  • Venue: The Victoria Country Club
  • Bridal Gown: All About The Dress
  • Bouquet: HEB Floral
  • MUA: Yurim Cabrera
  • Hair: Erin Poncik
  • Tux: Al’s Formal Wear
  • DJ: Richard Ramirez
  • Photography: Captured Moments by Christine
  • Event Coordinator: Denise Rubio


Pena Wedding

When Amber booked me over a year ago for her wedding I had no idea how much I was going to adore her and her family! Amber carries herself so graceful and is completely stunning! Jeremy, not to bad himself! He’s GQ! Together they compliment each other so well and the chemistry they have for each other is undeniable!

Jeremy & Amber met in middle school and were actually too shy to talk to each other until freshman year. They were voted prom king & queen, Mr & Mrs in Goliad and most likely to get married first in their high school yearbook. There are many things that drew Amber to Jeremy but a few characteristics is his charm and him always knowing what to say. 8 years later.. the observation of them most likely to get married became a reality!

We started off midday hanging out on the beautiful grounds of Teaghlach Meadows. I was a little worried the weather was going to be bad since we had just experienced South Texas cold weather but fortunately it couldn’t have been better. It was perfect! Overcast skies blanketed the background with the prettiest blues and the wind blew just enough to keep us cool and comfortable. During ceremony time it’s almost like God knew he was uniting two beautiful souls together. The clouds broke way and the sun peaked through just long enough for them to exchange vows. It was breathtaking!

I can honestly say I have the best clients ever! The reward to my profession is that I get to build relationships with some amazing people including Amber & Jeremy! Thank you for choosing Captured Moments to captured your life’s most beautiful moments!

  • MUA – Hayley Blanton
  • Hair – Jackie Lejune
  • Dress – Bliss Bridal
  • Bouquet – Dawn Butler
  • Tux – Bliss Bridal
  • Decorations – The Bride
  • DJ – Quinten Lee
  • Venue – Teaghlach Meadows
  • Caterer – Ventura’s Tamales
  • Lead Photographer – Captured Moments by Christine
  • 2nd Photographer – Xavier Cavazos
  • Coordinator – Denise Rubio

Klare Wedding

When I first met Mary Claire I was taken back by her big smile, sweet personality and her beauty inside and out.  I could clearly see what Dylan saw in her! Mary Claire’s daughter Bella also came along and was pretty much with them their whole journey from consultation, to engagements, the bridal session and then their wedding day. Not only were they vowing to be with each other, but to unit their now beautiful family. There were so many beautiful feels when Dylan, Mary Claire and Bella were around with so much love and laughter. Their journey into matrimony was not just about them two.. It was always about them 3.

Mary Claire and Dylan met in 2010 as his dental hygienist at his dental appointment. Even though they were in two different places in their lives they just knew they were meant to be together and one day their worlds would collide when the time was right.  They became friends over a 3 – 4 year period while he played football for Rice University.

In 2016 they finally decided their fate to be together her living in Uvalde and him living in Refugio. They made their relationship work with back and forth trips until he he proposed to her. He is a genius mind you and made a contraption that flipped messages to her proposing in the most unique and romantic way on April 28, 2018.

Let me tell you, these two are forever going to be in my life! They are not just my clients but truly make us feel apart of their family. The world collided when these two met and I am so happy to be apart of it! This was my first evening wedding. We spent hours before ceremony capturing all the perfect moments that lead up to their I do’s. Their wedding started at 7 pm and started off with beautiful sounds from their string quartet followed by a reception with tears! There wedding was nothing less but timeless and classic and for someone who loves wearing black I was in awe of the simple color pallet they chose. Everything I own is black LOL.  Here’s a glimpse of their special day! Thank you for having us capture your beautiful moments!

  • Decorations – Donna Gray
  • Bouquet & Floral – Donna Gray & Laura Capello
  • HMUA – Cortney Rincon & Leah Franke
  • Dress – Julian Golds
  • Tux – Men’s Warehouse
  • Rings – Custom rings from Jarred
  • Catering – Butter Churn
  • DJ – Andrew Trevino
  • Videographer – Joe Annen
  • String Quartet – Viol Consort
  • Venue – Padilla Hall
  • Photographer – Captured Moments by Christine
  • 2nd Photographer – Xavier Cavazos
  • Coordinator – Denise Rubio



Wall Wedding

When Katherine’s mom contacted me initially and gave me all of the details for her daughters wedding I instantly fell in-love with the feels stirred up in my head predicting what their day would be like. Their wedding was  on their families beautiful private property of 1,000’s of acres. It was going to be a small, intimate wedding with close friends and fam at sunset. I’m a sucker for sunset weddings! When we arrived it was rainy and wet but we lucked out on such beautiful weather!

Katherine & Dillon met 5 years ago and have been at each others side ever since! Katherine graduated from Southwestern University and is now a Licensed Specialist in School Psychology in San Antonio at Northside ISD helping kids. Dillon is a machinist at Rivercity Industries. They are some pretty awesome peeps! I can’t tell you how much fun we had with them and only met them the day of their wedding! One of the best parts of this wedding! The 6 foot pizza! I’ve never had a brisket pizza before!

Here is a sneak peek of their big day and all of the vendors that helped make their day flawless!

  • Hair: Saragoza Martinez with Illusions Makeovers
  • Floral & Bouquet: Devereux Gardens
  • Dress: Davids Bridal
  • Bridesmaids: Weddington Way
  • Men’s Suits: Men’s Warehouse
  • DJ: Steven Garcia with Texas Heat Music
  • Caterer: Dirt Road Cookers
  • Photographer: Captured Moments by Christine
  • Second Shooter: Xavier Cavazos

Alexandria + Alexander’s Quinceanera

This was my 2nd event with the Uresti’s and this time it was for their twins! The rain this year came early enough to clear up for their big day! We started off at Our Lady of the Gulf in Port Lavaca. We pulled up to this beautifully renovated church with a beautiful floral garden area and started with a few quick candid shots before the ceremony. Alexandria got out in her galaxy dress for her galaxy themed party.. Alexander got out in his navy tuxedo to compliment his twin sisters gown.

After the event we road in a party bus downtown and to the beach for a few group shots.. I remember it was windy as heck but I would take that over a hot day with no wind any day! After the group shots my team and I headed to the Bauer Community Center to get detail and decoration shots before the venue filled up with friends and family.

Here’s a sneak peek of our evening with the twins!

  • Make Up: Jasmine Solis
  • Hair: Wendy Magana Solis – Diamond Divas
  • Dress: Loving Prom Dress
  • Tux: Bells
  • Decoration: Angels Rentals
  • Venue: Bauer Community Center
  • Cake: Heidi Cakes
  • DJ: DJ Anarchy
  • Photographer: Captured Moments by Christine
  • 2nd Shooter: Xavier Cavazos
  • Coordinator: Denise Rubio