Sarah + John Hill

Where do I even begin with these two! Sarah reached out to me about doing her wedding just before their lil guy was born. She wasn’t sure when, or exactly where.. but she knew it was going to be small, intimate and everything she ever wanted… When Sarah finally set a date, I had other obligations but wasn’t going to miss it for the world! I rearranged my schedule, paused moving from one studio to the other and made it happen. Why wouldn’t I!?! I wanted to be the one to capture this beautiful couple and witness such a unique love. I adore Sarah & John!

Friday, July 24, 2020 at 2 PM, all of their closest friends and family were at the Gazebo downtown waiting patiently and luckily there was a nice subtle breeze that made that afternoon very pleasant. Once they arrived and took their places, the tears already started rolling for John. It brought on the water works just to see him tear up before she even walked down the isle, but it also shows the happiness and overwhelming feeling he felt in that moment. She looked beautiful, like a Goddess… I can sit here and write more into detail as to what happened after that, but why? I’m a photographer.. I’ll let the photos do the talking and tell the story. Here’s just a sneak peek of my time with John & Sarah…

Happy birthday Sarah!

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