Nick + Payton Elliott Wedding

In this time of distress with COVID-19, I’m so happy to post something that will shed some light in this darkness! This wedding was super special to me. I’ve known Payton and her family for quiet sometime so you can only imagine my excitement when Payton said that I was the only one she trusted to capture such an important time in her life.

Nick and Payton are definitely a pair that was meant to be. I only met Nick the day of their wedding but just in the short amount of time I got to spend with him, his eyes and whole heart lit up everytime he had Payton & Penelope by his side.

Their Story:

3 years ago, Nick came in to the salon to get a haircut from Payton’s twin sister Kaitlyn. Thankfully, Kaitlyn didn’t have time so Payton took on the job. I think she was low key trying to hook her sister up! He was very pleased with his cut so naturally they exchanged phone numbers for future scheduled cuts. At least that’s what they thought. 3 cuts into their client / professional relationship, it became a little more. They started texting on a regular basis and before they knew it.. their relationship went from professional to forever. On their first date, she saw all of the qualities in a man she wanted for her and Penelope and knew that he was their person. Truth be told, she would later find out that he fell in-love with Penelope before her LOL. How cute!

The Proposal:

On a rainy causal day in April of 2019, Payton was sitting on her couch when Nick came in to let her know he was going to finish their laundry downstairs. She thought “okay?!?” He was gone for such a long time but to her, she didn’t think anything of it since he was a social butterfly. Nick finally came and sat on the coffee table in front of the couch in front of Payton as she’s chowing down on her turkey sandwich. She thought once again, “Wow, okay, he’s on a roll with all this weird stuff”! He proceeded to tell her how much he loved her & Penelope and how happy he made them. Nick then got down on one knee, popped open a little red box holding a ring his father gave his step mother and asked her for her hand in marriage. Mouth full of turkey sandwich and eyes full of tears, her answer was “yes!”

The Wedding:

With the scare and chaos of the world, I had no idea what to expect when I showed up to Port O’Connor. All I know is that I was super excited to shoot photos on the beach! In the years I’ve been in business, I have never done wedding photos on the beach. We pulled up to the community center and got our detail shots which is always the very first thing I do when I arrive. Everything was simple, beautiful, pastel and soft which I expect nothing less from this beach beauties taste. After details, we went to their salon to capture all of our pre shots before the ceremony. We shared so many laughs and had such pleasant conversations making the best of everything! I got to meet her grandma Josie and to my surprise found out this lady y’all was so hip and so much fun! Probably one of the coolest grannies I know! Luckily we were able to capture plenty of group shots prior to their ceremony and even got greeted by a man flying in the sky LOL. You’ll see what I’m talking about.

The ceremony was filled with their closest friends and family. It was everything I thought it would be. My favorite part was Nick tearing up as his bride walked down the isle. I’m not sure if this is mean or not but my absolute favorite thing is seeing the groom cry! It makes my heart all warm and fuzzy! I also find myself tearing up as well. How can you resist??? It’s such a beautiful moment! The weather was pleasant, the breeze was perfect and the rest was a night I’ll never forget. Here’s a few of my favs!

To CMBC Bride + Groom:

Nick + Payton, always communicate, keep each other first in everything you do and cherish every second you are given together. There will be ups and downs but just as long as you keep those three things in mind.. You will get through anything! Thank you for choosing Captured Moments by Christine to capture your life’s most beautiful moments!

Vendor Love:

CMBC Bride + Groom: Payton Rice + Nick Elliott
Venue: Port O’Connor Community Center
MUA: Payton Rice
Hair: Kaitlyn Rice
Lead Photographer: Captured Moments by Christine
Day Coordinator: Denise Bazan Rubio / Allison
Second Photographer: Larissa Sirmon
Dress: Grace Loves Lace
Floral: Salt Bloosom’s Of Port O’Connor
Decorations: The Gray Barn
Caterer: Josie’s Mexican Restaurant

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