Dulce & Robert

When I met Dulce years ago, I absolutely adored her! I had the opportunity to photograph her baby boy and now I get to be apart of their forever journey! Planning their engagement session with her, we decided to travel to Austin and shoot at one of the places I wanted to check off my bucket list.. Mount Bonnell. The views were simply breathtaking at sunset and the weather couldn’t be more perfect!

When Dulce & Robert arrived I was already taken back by how he looked at her and had her by her hand making sure her every step was safe walking up the hill. I have the best couples! The one thing I always tell my couples prior to our session is “be yourselves and love each other like no-one is watching”. They were like pros! Every step of the way Robert wrapped his arms around Dulce, wispped her hair behind her ears and made her smile from ear to ear telling her things only she could hear. It was completely romantic and easy to capture them and how much they love each other.

Here’s a sneak peek of my session with Dulce & Robert at Mount Bonnell!



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