Many Faces Of Cam

Oh my goodnesssss.. I have watched Cam sprout into this adorable lil boy and have taken many photos of him growing up. Let me tell you, he keeps you on your toes! Cam likes to wonder off and explore so I knew for this session I wanted to capture him being him. I took a woopy cushion and entertained him with it while capturing his many faces. Let me tell you, he had tons! I had hundreds of photos and not one photo is he making the same faces lol. He’s so cute!

I just loved this session! Here’s a sneak peek of how it went. Thank you so much Kayla, Cam & Pierce for choosing Captured Moments by Christine! We would love for you to share our blog and your photos so when doing so, simply copy and paste the link or share this post. Please DO NOT copy or add filters to the photos.


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