Winne Home

So, I got a call from a beautiful woman named Lynda. Her and her husband built a big beautiful home right on the corner of the coast in Seadrift. There was a previous home that was there and in the family for many many years. She wanted to capture the beauty of their home and wanted to get a few shot of her and her love. I was ecstatic! First of all, I love being by the water. Walking on the decks of this beautiful home with the Winne’s was breathtaking! We watched the sunset and it was so colorful and peaceful. Gezzz, If I was them, I would never leave this place! It’s like Paradise!

So I get there and she opened her door up for us, told us a little history behind the home and introduced us to Mr. Winne and her mom, which by the way was a doll! Oh, and don’t let me forget her fur baby!  So here’s a little preview on how our session went. I can’t wait to go back there for another round of sessions we are planning in the future!

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